Saturday, 28 October 2017

Super Blogger - Jordanne

Super Blogger Saturday

My final Super Blogger of Blogtober is … Jordanne of The Life of a Glasgow Girl! Jordanne is also the creator of @Bloggerstribe on Twitter and she is an Ambassador of Magnitone.

How we met: When I was asking around the blogging community for help over which hashtags to use, the most common one that came up time and time again was the one for bloggerstribe (#bloggerstribe) so I followed the account and, as the creator of the account, Jordanne’s own account was recommended for me to follow. Our first correspondence through her Twitter account was just me replying to a Tweet of hers with a simple hug gif and her thanking me for it. Sometimes all you need is a hug (gif).

Her personality: She is one of the most hardworking bloggers that I have come across during my short time blogging on here. She is another all-round good human who is so lovely, sweet and caring. She is also so helpful and supportive which shines through not only on her personal blog/Twitter but through her Bloggerstribe account too. She is forever rt’ing everyone who uses the hashtag – she must be sick of seeing my name by now!

What she writes about: Jordanne’s blog is full of posts about beauty products, reviews, life stories and parenting tidbits. She is a very “no holds barred” blogger which means that, as long as she is happy to talk about it, no subject is taboo and there are no restrictions as to what she writes about.

Her writing style: When I read Jordanne’s blog posts I feel a connection to her writing and to who she is as her posts are very relatable. I’m not a parent nor have an interest in the beauty genre but every single one of her posts makes for an interesting read. You don’t have to be into that she writes about to enjoy reading her content.
Reading her most recent piece (at the time of writing this) “That’s Life” hit me hard. I understood the inner struggles she talked about and my heart went out to her; not out of pity but because I got it. I get the whole feeling of “bleh” and just having this fog come down around you seemingly out of nowhere when you think you’re getting on great in life. I was glad to hear that she is gradually exposing herself to the things she loves again as it shows how resilient she is. I really admire that quality in her.

Why you should follow her/read her blog: Aside from the fact that she possesses all of the traits I have listed about under “Her Personality” and being a tremendous help hashtag-wise, she also offers packages for advertising with her. These packages start from as little as £1 (rate will vary depending on which currency you use) which includes your blog being listed in her Advertisers post and being included in her #ff (follow Friday) every Friday and her most expensive is the Unicorn Package at £10 which is still a bargain for the amount that she offers within it. You can find all of her package deals here (

Where you can find her: You can find Jordanne on her personal blog’s Twitter, her blog and through Bloggerstribe on Twitter. You can also follow/like her on Facebook, Pinterest and Bloglovin.


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