Monday, 13 November 2017

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Everyone gets annoyed. It’s a natural reaction. It can be over something little, something major or even a build-up of so many things over a period of time. Usually, for me, when I am stressed and/or sleep deprived I end up getting annoyed by the little things. It doesn’t help that I have misophonia which is sensitivity to selected sounds. I’ve compiled a list of the things that really get under my skin. I’ll put (M) next to the ones that are triggering to my misophonia.

1. People ending statements with a question mark. It just makes you sound unsure of yourself and if you’re not sure about what you’re saying then how can others trust your statement? For example, if someone writes “I had so much fun?” I end up thinking “did you or did you not have fun?” Are you sure you did have fun?

2. Messiness. If I am in a room I can’t concentrate or sleep if it is messy. As some of you may know; I have been known to tidy friends’ rooms when I’ve stayed over (with permission) but if that’s not possible I go home. It still grates on me, though, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I have spoken to mental health workers about this and have been told that I have obsessive compulsive tendencies brought on by stress and anxiety.

3. Open mouthed chewing/eating noisily. (M) When someone starts crunching down on food or smacking their lips it’s all I can hear. My brain tunes into it and seems to amplify the sound. My shoulders end up by my ears and it makes me want to cry. It drives me crazy and I have to remove myself from the room the person is in.

4. People touching me. I can’t stand being touched – even if it’s someone just putting their hand on my knee or putting their hands on my shoulders. Ideally I like people to ask if they can hug me/touch me for whatever reason (haircuts etc) and it’s all down to not feeling safe around people. If you read my Blogtober post about my experiences with bullying then you’ll probably have guessed that my fear of being touched stems from that.

5. Tinny music in public spaces. If you have headphones; use them. I guarantee no one else wants to hear whatever it is you’re listening to. (M)

There are loads more I could list but out of fear of boring you all or just seeming out of my mind for being triggered by the little things I will stop here.
Is there anything else that grates on you?


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  1. I love posts like these! I hear ya on the loud chewing. I'm not a super fast driver or anything and I try to be understanding, but I hate being behind drivers who are too slow or walking behind people at the mall who are strolling and not leaving room to pass. Drives me crazy!! Also flaky people you can't rely on. I could go on forever lol. Xx Jen

    1. I only chose 5 this time (I'm miserable so there's loads more lol) but I agree with the slow people part. I'm not that fast at walking so if I'm passing people by then they are really slow hahaha. I don't see how some people find it so hard to move over to the side whilst they have a conversation - they know they're in the way and yet if you say "excuse me" you get dirty looks as though you're the one causing the inconvenience!

  2. Just nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award!(: -Rachel/Wondering Why Blog

  3. I completely understand about the touching. I feel hypersensitive to it! I feel uncomfortable even shaking someone’s hand!


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