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Friday Favourites - YouTubers

Friday Favourites: YouTubers

For this final favourites post I thought I would share with you who some of my favourite YouTubers are and display some of their videos that have really given me a laugh/much needed motivation (or were even too weird to not share) when I’ve felt quite terrible mentally. 

Jenna Marbles – Jenna is one of the first YouTubers I discovered back before the whole concept of being a YouTuber was even a thing. She’s also one of the few whose channel I have followed all the way from the start. She always makes me laugh and is the reason why I look forward to Thursdays. I just love her “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and how she still makes content that makes her happy but still asks her viewers what they would like to see. She’s the only person who can post a nearly 12 minute-long video of her dog reviewing soap and over 2 million (stats so far on the video) people will won’t even question it or think she’s lost her, well, marbles.

Rose & Rosie – Rose & Rosie provide some much needed comic relief when everything is going wrong. Their good moods are always infectious and I love how they can make each other laugh – which is great at drawing in their audience. They also come across as two of the nicest women on YouTube and I think that is key in making their viewers feel welcome to their channels. They are the only people who can make me laugh until I pee from a single word - “boop” for example (embarrassingly that is a true story. Hey! I was really ill at the time). Every time they post on Rose's channel, I leave it for viewing last (save the best til last) and even though content isn't as frequent on her channel (Rose's channel is their main video hub), I have been watching all of the vlogs on Rosie's channel all over again.

Cristine (Simply Nailogical & Simply Not Logical) -  Cristine is another who constantly makes me laugh with her videos. Not only does she do nail tutorials (wait; what? lol) that are easy to follow along with but she is also able to take the mick out of herself. She is another who isn't afraid to be herself and I admire her confidence. Going back to her tutorials, I've learned a lot from her. For example, I now know how to make my own nail decals and what holo actually is.
Just watch one of her videos and you’ll see what I mean.   

Lilly Singh (iisuperwomanii) – Most people know Lilly for her comedy sketches and whilst they are hilarious, it is her vlogs that really draw me in. Anyone who has watched one of them knows that not only does she set out a mission list for herself every single day (whether it’s to do x amount of interviews, rants etc. or even just keeping on track with self-care) but she goes above and beyond to make sure that she conquers that list. I always start of any writing day with one of her latest vlogs whilst I eat and plan out my own mission list. She is currently on a mission to make sure that every girl in the world has the opportunity to go to school and receive an education so below is a link to her campaign announcement. it also serves as an example of her being an absolute Bawse.

Liza Koshy – Liza is someone who has only recently just crossed my radar. She originated over on Vine until it closed but it was only through her YouTube channel (and Lilly Singh’s Christmas collab from last year) that I became aware of who she is. I find her character sketches hilarious – Helga and Younger Liza are two of my favourite characters. She's not afraid to just be out there and to be herself. I know for me I would struggle even just walking and talking in a store, never mind filming parts of character videos and vlogs in them.

Tyler Oakley – Tyler is another whose channel I have been watching grow over the years. Not only that but I’ve seen him grow into such a wonderful person. I really admire all the work he does for/in the LGBTQ+ community, particularly for the Trevor Project and all of his fundraising. I know that over at least two of his birthdays he set up a campaign for his fans to donate to the Trevor Project in lieu of sending him gifts. That’s the kind of person I like to see on YouTube; one who is not only charitable but also encourages his fans/viewers to do so as well. Also, who else can get Zayn Malik to confess that his middle name is Beyonce?

If you would like to a part 2 to this, let me know. I still have so many left to share with you.


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