Saturday, 7 October 2017

Super Blogger

Super Blogger Saturday

For those of you who have been following along with my Blogtober posts, I have decided that on Saturdays I will be featuring some of my blogging friends that I really admire and see as “super bloggers”. This could be for a multitude of reasons from how they present themselves online to the quality of their posts or just because they are some of the kindest people I have met online. I adore the 4 people I am going to be featuring and I hope that these posts will make you at least curious enough to go check them out.

This week’s post is dedicated to the first blogger friend I made; Courtney (Unfiltered Mama). She was the first to speak to me, to include me in her nominations for the Liebster award and is just generally a great sounding board for when I’ve felt insecure about my own posts/needed help.

How we met: I believe she followed me first (I could be wrong; my memory is shot) and after I followed her back she sent me a DM letting me know that if I was looking for guest posts then she would love to contribute. I believe she was also the first person to respond to one of my Tweets asking for blog posts to read. She was also the first person to ever nominate me for a blogger award (Liebster).

Her personality: Courtney is a very kind, very maternal type of woman. I’m not sure if this (being maternal) is because she is a mother to two little ones now or if it is something that has always been a part of her (I have a feeling it is the latter) but, since I’ve known her, she’s never been anything other than the type of friend who genuinely cares about you and will check in to see how you’re doing even when she is at her busiest. 

What she writes about: Courtney writes about her life experiences on her blog. So far her posts have covered her experience with abuse in a toxic relationship, finding a love who is the complete opposite and also how she deals with the anxiety that has stuck with her from said past relationship. She also posts about any nominations she receives for blogger awards such as the “Liebster Award” and The “Versatile Blogger Award”, and has recently started posting about her journey into motherhood.
On Twitter she tweets about adjusting to life as a mum of two, whatever she is going through in that moment and rts a lot of Tweets from those that she supports.

Her writing style: I enjoy reading Courtney’s blog and I get excited every time I get an email update saying that she has posted a new one. I love how her pieces read as though you are reading a novel; her powers of description are phenomenal.

Why you should follow her/read her blog: I think you should follow/read her blog because she is one of the nicest people you will ever come across and will help you in any way that she can. If you love a more narrative story-telling style then her blog is perfect for you.

Where you can find her: You can find Courtney on Twitter as @_unfilteredmama and you can read her blog here (

If you happen to check Courtney out on social media/her blog do leave her a little comment or say “hi”; I know she would really appreciate it.


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  1. You are so sweet! Thank you for this, I really appreciate it ❤️


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