Thursday, 27 April 2017

Little Introduction (Edited from my Tumblr)

Welcome to my blog! As you have probably noticed, there are some posts here already but I decided to revamp the design and the tone of it so I’m starting now with a proper introduction. I have also changed hosts so for the time being there will be double posts/ones you may have seen before on Tumblr).
Just to start off; I’m not going to mention my name as I don’t feel like that’s important to this blog. What I do feel is important, however, is the information that I want to share with you from both a professional (from the treatment I have been going through that I think has been helpful) and personal stance. I don’t want to mention people I know, either, as the names are not important; it’s the content and scenarios that are so if any of my posts require names, I’m likely to either change them or label them (e.g: Girl #1).
There’s not really much else to say about me but the main things to mention are; I am a female in my 20’s and that I have severe anxiety and depression. I’m currently undergoing treatment (and have been for the past several years) and whilst I’m far from being cured (I’m always going to have some degree of mental illness), I have found a lot of it to be helpful in understanding why I feel the way that I do which brings me onto my goal for this blog:
My goal for this blog is to have a place where other people who suffer from anxiety, depression and the various illnesses in between can come and read about similar experiences, and for those who have loved ones who suffer from mental illnesses to get a better understanding of the symptoms and the thought processes they encounter when they struck by their illness.
I don’t really know what else to say apart from that I hope you find this blog helpful in some form and that I’ll do my best to keep it light-hearted where needed.

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