Saturday, 14 October 2017

Super Blogger - Bunnie

Super Blogger Saturday

You might remember that she was my guest blogger on Thursday so, in keeping with one of my other posts this week and as a bit of a theme, this week’s Super Blogger is Bunnie. You can find all of her links at the end of this post.

How we met: I’m not sure who followed who first. I do recall that I replied to a #bloggerswanted request Tweet that she sent out back in August when she was looking for guest posters to write about their mental health and she emailed me straight away. You can read the piece that I wrote for her here.

Her personality: Bunnie is genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with via social media and email. She always replies with the warmest and friendliest of responses and is always up to lend a hand whether it’s with checking something works on my blog or simply by being there to talk to. Like with other super bloggers that I have/will be mentioning; she is extremely supportive and is an all-round amazing human being.

What she writes about: Like me, Bunnie writes about mental health and her blog also falls into the lifestyle category. Whilst her blog is still fairly new, so far she’s written about Accepting ChronicDepression and what’s in her Panic Bag.
All of her posts are personal to her – she basically bares her soul on her blog – and I think that makes it so much easier for her readers to connect with her and get a feel of who she is.

Her writing style: Bunnie pretty much writes in a conversational style – as though she were talking directly to you and not at you. It’s one of the things I like the most about her. The way she writes makes for easy reading and you instantly feel welcome on her blog.

Why you should follow her/read her blog: You should definitely check out Bunnie’s blog and her various social media if you enjoy reading any of her posts that I have listed above or if you like reading my blog as our overall concepts are very similar. If you’re interested in reading about how other people deal with their mental wellbeing then her blog is certainly one to check out.

Where you can find her: You can find Bunnie on Twitter as @happybunnieblog and you can read her blog here.

So; why not check her out? Be sure to say “hi” when you’re there or even give her a little follow!


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