Sunday, 15 October 2017

Blogtober Weekly Recap #2

Weekly Recap #2

Time for another weekly recap! I really enjoy writing these lists as, not only does it help me to see how much I was able to post, it allows you – the reader – to conveniently find all of this week’s posts if you happened to miss them and want a catch up or want to do a bit of a marathon blog reading.
As with before; anything that is in bold and underlined can be clicked and will take you to the page in question.

This week my personal post was on my experience with depression; when I knew I had it, what caused it, when I was diagnosed, how I coped during my school years and the treatment I have received for it since.

I also revealed why I started blogging and why that ties in with my illnesses.

On Wednesday I posted “10 Rules forCoping with Panic”. Now these aren’t definitive and you may have your own but these are the ones that myself and a group of people that I spent quite a bit of time with were taught. Some have really helped me to put some things into perspective.

Thursday’s “Self-Care Q & A Response” was sent in by my friend Bunnie. She is a fellow blogger and just a stand up human being.

Following on with last Friday’s Favourites, this Friday’s post was dedicated to a few of the bands and artists that I really admire and love the music of.

And finally; this week’s Super Blogger is Bunnie. You can read all about why I chose her here.

Thanks for clicking for my blog; it’s really appreciated and I would love to hear from you.


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