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Introduction to Blogtober

Intro to Blogtober

Welcome to Blogtober! For those who don’t know, “Blogtober” is when bloggers aim to post every day of October. I’m not sure who originated it (if you do then let me know below in the comments) but I thought it was a great idea. I was originally only toying with the idea of doing it as I was worried that it may have been too much to take on, both anxiety-wise and the fact that that means finding enough content for 31 posts but, with a lot of planning involved and getting a head start in August, I feel pretty confident that I’ll have a new post up for you every day from 11am onwards.
Sundays are going to be dedicated to doing a catch-up of everything you may have missed during the week post-wise. As today is Sunday (which is not my usual post day), and it also marks the start of Blogtober, I thought I would give you a) an update/review of everything that has happened blogging-wise since I made a fresh start on Blogger back in April and b) a run-through of what to expect over the next month.

According to an email I received from Tumblr recently; this year is the 7 year anniversary of when I made the “Anxiously Me” Tumblr account. I didn’t really start posting anything to it until about 4 years ago (I decided not to move them over to here), left it for about 2 years, posted a couple of posts that you can see under the “Mental Health Information” section (oh, and blogs 1-3!) and then made the move over to Blogger on 27th of April this year. As there really wasn’t much documented on Tumblr over the years and I didn’t use it as a blog (plus no one took it seriously because, well, it was on Tumblr), I looked at this move as being the start of my blogging hobby. At the end of April, again I didn’t really post much other than what I moved over from Tumblr (9 or so posts in total and a couple of updates). Between May and the end of June I posted a couple of new pieces  and I changed my posting schedule to bi-weekly but it was only on the 27th of June that I started to take it “seriously”. By then I had nearly 500 views over the course of the 3 months and decided to set a goal of 1,000 views by the 27th July to mark 3 months since the revamping of “Anxiously Me”. I was completely blown away when I logged in on the 4th July to find that, through the help of my readers, I hit my target early by 23 days. I then decided upon reaching a goal of 2,000 for the end of August and, again, was shocked when I reached that on the 17th July. As of 25th September the view count was over 8k. Numbers aren’t everything, though, and they don’t matter to me in a selfish sense (I’m not doing this for popularity or for benefits like freebies etc), it’s just a way of tracking how far I’ve come. Plus it’s so nice to know that people actually read what I have to say and that they want to keep coming back to see the next instalment. There have been times when I’ve had to log out completely as I’ve been so overwhelmed by the responses I’ve had from readers saying that it’s helped them to not feel so alone and that my words have brought a smile to their face that I’ve had a little cry.

Now for the schedule! As I will be posting every single day of October, I have decided that each day will have a theme. That means that you will see the same types of posts on Mondays, a different type on Tuesdays, Wednesday etc. The end of the month will be a bit different though as the last 2 days are on a Monday and Tuesday - after another weekly recap on the Sunday - and therefore would be the start of a new week so it would be a bit weird leaving Blogtober on the kinds of posts I'm putting up on Mondays and Tuesday but I will work out something to post on those days anyway!

With that said, I hope you’ll stick around for the next 30 days – I have so many new posts that I’m so proud of that I can’t wait to share with you. If all goes well I may even consider doing “Blogmas”!


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