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Self-Care Q&A Response #7 - Katie

Self –Care Q &A/Tag

This week’s response comes from the glorious Katie! Read below to find out how she takes care of herself when she’s feeling down and how she knows when she needs some self-care. You can find her blog here and on Twitter.

1. How do you know when you are in need of some self-care?

I know I'm in need of self-care when I start to feel run down or drained - sometimes it can even be that I notice I've let my nails chip or not washed my hair in days, then I'm like... ok, pull your finger out Katie.

2. Once you are aware that you need to take care of yourself, do you usually do so alone or do you have someone you can go to when you need some TLC?

I really value alone time - I used to hate my own company, but now I'm like gimme more! I find peace in being quiet and being able to please myself.. that said my boyfriend makes me feel loved/safe/secure, so I value him a lot too.

3. Do you find it hard to make time for yourself?

Sometimes, yes. I get it in my head that I'm being selfish or that there's a billion and one other things to be getting on with, like laundry or cleaning; but if I don't take care of me every now and again, I'm never gonna be able to tackle those billion and one other things! It's all about finding a balance.

4. Is there anything that gets in the way of your “me” time/disrupts it (for me: noises outside can put me on edge or if other people are home I need to be mindful of how long I take, say, in the shower)?
I live with a fair few people in the house and I don't always feel able to relax, I'm just on edge - but when I'm in my room I feel a lot better. Mostly I'm best when nobody else is home!

5. Do you ever feel guilty for having “me” time?

100%! Like I said, I'll justify it that there's loads of other things to do, people will think I'm being selfish etc.

6. Do you schedule in “me” time or do you “go with the flow”/only take “me” time when you feel you need it?

I generally go with the flow, but if I feel like I'm reaching that point where I've pushed myself too hard or I'm drained, I'll make a point of going 'ok, so tonight I'm going to do this, this & that, just for me!'

7. Is there a self-care routine that you try to follow?

Not particularly, I guess I like to do my nails, skincare, eyebrows etc and feel like I've really taken the time to physically look after myself. I try to eat when I'm hungry, sleep when I'm tired, exercise a little - I think I just try to listen to my body and mind as much as poss!

8. When you feel down/not like your usual self; what do you do to cheer yourself up (hobbies, being with loved ones etc)?

I like to have a hot bath (preferably with a Lush bubble bar!), listen to music, watch Harry Potter or a Disney - my boyfriend is brilliant, and my Grandad can be so uplifting to be around. I find running to be really good for me, especially if I'm feeling tense, and I definitely find blogging therapeutic, especially since I talk about mental health a lot - it's a good outlet!

9. Do you have any mantras that you say to yourself as a pick me up or on a daily basis?

Funnily enough, it's only recently that I've started 'talking to myself' in an effort to pick myself up; whether it's just a "come on Katie, pick yourself up", or an "I WANT TO LIVE", in order to push myself to seize the day as much as I can, live in the moment a little. Sometimes it's just as simple as "You're ok". Surprisingly, it really can help.

10. Finally; do you have any self-care tips for anyone who might be reading this?

Firstly I would say, you're not to feel guilty for making time for yourself - I know I'm one to preach! But it's crucial to take care of/& love yourself. It's like acceptance & it can make the world of difference. I've recently discovered the joys of my own company & not having to please other people all the time - which is a big deal for a self-confessed people-pleaser! My point is, if you want to do something, do it. Like to paint? Go paint. Like to swim? Go swim. Like to grow vegetables? Go grow! Doing things that make your soul happy makes pathways for more happiness.

~ Thanks again to Katie Rose for taking part! How do you  relax?


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