Saturday, 21 October 2017

Super Blogger - Cairon of Travel Bear

Super Blogger Saturday

My Super Blogger of the week is the amazing Cairon of TravelBear.  If you love the whole aspect of travel, amazing destinations and reading about them from someone else’s point of view then yyou should check out her blog.

How we met: When  I was new to doing promotion for my blog I followed a lot of people. Pretty much anyone who was recommended to me who was an advocate for mental health, had an amusing bio or Tweeted relatable things got a follow from me and Cairon’s account ticked all those boxes. She is also the one who nominated me for the “Versatile Blogger Award” and is the sole cause of the small breakdown I had because of it. I’m just kidding. I saw all these notifications and thought “what have I done?” I was so relieved it was just other people responding to her nomination list.

Her personality: She is adventurous as you can tell from her blog content (some listed below) and just super sweet. I think we had only maybe shared a couple of tweets between us before she nominated me but after she did I sent her a DM thanking her and she was just so friendly. She’s the kind of person that you talk to and you think “I really hope you get to see your dreams come true”. There’s not a mean or unkind bone in her body. She’s also incredibly helpful which you will discover if you read her post about budgeting (linked in the next paragraph)

What she writes about: Her blogs include posts about her Bucket List for Hong Kong, her experiences with budgeting for her new venture in Australia next year and how Disney World’s magic changed her life. You’ll find posts jam-packed with all of her fun adventures and even some posts where you can get to know all about her.

Her writing style: When Cairon blogs she always comes across as enthusiastic which is something I think a lot of us look for in a blogger. Her posts are informal and you feel as though you are reading something a friend has written even though at first you are on the blog of a complete stranger. Her budgeting piece that I have listed above is full of information about the services that she used but she doesn’t tell you that you HAVE to follow the exact same plan or go with the same services she has provided information for. She simply writes that this was who she used, what her experience was with them and if she recommends using them or not. At one point she even recommends going a different route rather than using the example of a service she has given. 

Why you should follow her/read her blog: Cairon is just such a lovely lass and if you enjoy reading about travelling/other peoples’ experiences with travelling then she is the blogger for you. She’s super friendly too so if you leave her a comment or tweet at her she will find time to respond.

Where you can find her: You can find Cairon on Twitter as @travelbear92 and you can read her blog here.

So why not go check Cairon’s blog and social media out and give her a follow or send her a friendly “hello”?


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