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Self-Care Q&A Response #12 ft. Bunnie

Self-Care Q&A

My new friend, Bunnie, is the 3rd contributor in this round! You can find her on Twitter and her blog. Discover what she had to say about self-care here:

1. How do you know when you are in need of some self-care?
I feel tired and run down. I can feel myself slipping/getting lower in mood. I don’t want to go out.

2. Once you are aware that you need to take care of yourself, do you usually do so alone or do you have someone you can go to when you need some TLC?
I like to do it alone.

3. Do you find it hard to make time for yourself?
Sometimes. Yes, most of the time. I feel like I’m needed and if I go to take a day to myself to sleep and wind down the whole word goes into chaos. (My world and home life at least)

4. Is there anything that gets in the way of your “me” time/disrupts it (for me: noises outside can put me on edge or if other people are home I need to be mindful of how long I take, say, in the shower)?
I have two animals, a cat and a hedgehog. As cats generally are, my boy is laid back and very easy to look after. However, my hedgehog is hard work. I adore her. I wouldn’t change her for the world, I never regret getting her but she is a lot of work. I also have a partner whom I live with. I am besotted but he relies on me quite heavily. We both struggle with mental health issues and I feel like I have to be around and stable/okay to make sure I can support him. He would probably hate to hear me say this. He doesn’t do anything to make me feel that way – it’s just how I feel even if it’s not true.

5. Do you ever feel guilty for having “me” time?
Not guilty as such. I don’t think that would be the right word. I know that the people around me know of my struggles and that it’s something I need to do (heck, everyone should do) but like you said before – I do feel that I need to rush.

6. Do you schedule in “me” time or do you “go with the flow”/only take “me” time when you feel you need it?
I have a whole routine I have written up which one day I would love to follow. It includes proper bed and meal times and a “Mental Health Day” where my phone is off and everything but self-care is cancelled – I am unavailable to any-one else. Yet, at the minute it’s just me grabbing a bath in the evenings I can, to unwind.

7. Is there a self-care routine that you try to follow?
 Not really in a set order but there are certain things I like to do on MH days
·         Eat healthier and three full meals
·         Plenty of water
·         Bath with candles and relaxing music
·         Yoga
·         Meditate
·         Brain training apps
·         Read
·         Drink camomile tea
·         Have a chat with someone on 7 Cups (kind of like counselling)

8. When you feel down/not like your usual self; what do you do to cheer yourself up (hobbies, being with loved ones etc)?
Carry out my MH day, sometimes I’ll bake, read, watch a film (especially “Inside Out” which reminds me it’s okay to feel the things I feel) but my favourite thing is, if I’m feeling up to it (and can get a lift). I visit my best friend. She has an 11 month old and they never fail to cheer me up. I know I can just be myself and sit and feel sorry for myself, have a nap or watch crap on YouTube. She’ll normally drag me out to the shops which is good because I get some sunlight and a little walk. If the weather’s nice we’ll have lunch outside too which is lovely. Plus her little one gives the BEST cuddles.

9. Do you have any mantras that you say to yourself as a pick me up or on a daily basis?
No, I really should have some affirmations. I suppose I try to remind myself that it’s okay to feel the things I’m feeling, that I’m human, I’m not alone and it’s not going to last forever. After writing this out I think I’m going to add that perhaps I’m feeling low as a reminder to take some time to myself.

10. Finally; do you have any self-care tips for anyone who might be reading this? 
YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TAKE TIME TO YOURSELF. It’s necessary actually. It’s an order okay? DO IT. Take one day a week. Do something YOU love. Turn off your phone. Shut everything else out – this is time for you. Nothing else matters today.

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