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#5 Self-Care Q&A - Ams' Response

Self-Care Q&A - Ams' Response

Ams is our contributor this week! Keep reading to find out what her views on self-care are. You can find her links at the bottom :)

1. How do you know when you are in need of some self-care?

A: When is long overdue both my mind and body tells me it's time. My mood swings are over the top, energy is gone and the weight in my mind and chest slowly drains me.

2. Once you are aware that you need to take care of yourself, do you usually do so alone or do you have someone you can go to when you need some TLC?

Let me just say the alone time it's a must especially when it comes to taking care of yourself. I personally do both but I always start with some alone time, not only do I enjoy it but it's necessary for my own mental health. I need to heal myself first before I go to someone. Of course, I always run to my boyfriend when I need the extra love and care.

3. Do you find it hard to make time for yourself?

No, I honestly don't. Even when I'm super busy with balancing work and life I try to always do at least the smallest things for myself, even if that means spending an extra 20 minutes in the shower or taking a late night drive, or even laying in complete silence in bed I try to get it done.

4. Is there anything that gets in the way of your “me” time/disrupts it (for me: noises outside can put me on edge or if other people are home I need to be mindful of how long I take, say, in the shower)?

It depends on the type of "me" time I'm doing. If I'm trying to relax at home and there's too much going on I get irritated really easy and I can't enjoy it, the vibe goes out the window. If I’m trying to get my thoughts out or working on ideas for the blog I need to be in complete silence or else everything is going downhill. But other than that I have learned to balance on having some me time and still be surrounded by people.

5. Do you ever feel guilty for having “me” time?

NOPE! And you shouldn't either. For your sanity this is necessary no matter how many plans you cancelled last minute (done that) or feelings you hurt (done that too), you need to put yourself first, because when both your mind and body are telling you to take care of yourself you better do it and not care whose feelings you’re hurting on the way. I don't feel guilty because I'm truly the only person that understands and deals with myself every day all day, I come first.

6. Do you schedule in “me” time or do you “go with the flow”/only take “me” time when you feel you need it?

Both, like I mentioned before I always try to do at least the smallest thing for myself, a drive alone, go to the park/beach and enjoy the view, manicure, and pedicure alone, or even a facial at home after a long day. I schedule me time for those times when life gets really busy and I need to work around a schedule to be able to get everything done, so I put some time to take myself out to eat or even cancel a day (Sunday) and just let it be for me. I also schedule a “me” time for when I'm on vacation, I take a day or half a day to date away from everyone and enjoy the vacation by myself (which I recommend).

7. Is there a self-care routine that you try to follow?

I don't think I have a routine; I just like to incorporate as many things that feed my sanity to my daily routine and that can be from the smallest to the biggest thing.

8. When you feel down/not like your usual self; what do you do to cheer yourself up (hobbies, being with loved ones etc)?

My blog. When I say focusing on my blog has saved me/brought me back to who I am, is not an understatement. But I always start with finding a place where I can be in complete silence. Why? Because I can't just distract myself for that moment, the feelings will come back to haunt me. I need the time in silence to let it all out or to just let it sink in, and once few minutes have gone by I start to do things that make me happy. Get some food, enjoy the day, go for a walk, work on the blog, etc. If I'm at work I put my headphones on and escape the noise or walk to my car and sit in silence during my lunch break.

 9. Do you have any mantras that you say to yourself as a pick me up or on a daily basis?

I'm constantly talking to myself and telling my mind to not go there. I always make sure I give myself all the compliments in the world (I have to be my biggest fan), and I also read a lot of motivational quotes when I need the extra push.

10. Finally; do you have any self-care tips for anyone who might be reading this?

I will just say, START cancelling plans and STOP feeling guilty about putting your needs first. Even the smallest thing that you do for yourself counts. Stay in the car an extra 5 minutes to get away from people, watch the sunset by yourself, lock some doors and breath! Or just simply cancel a day. But most importantly don't depend on anyone to make you feel better, do it yourself. Enjoy to be alone; you will learn so much about yourself.

~ Thanks for reading! You can find Ams on Twitter and on her blog.

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