Friday, 1 September 2017

Self-Care Q&A Response #9 with Becca

Self –Care Q &A/Tag

My friend Becca is the guest poster this week! You can find her on Twitter and on her blog right here. As always; my #ff recommendation is the guest of the week so go follow her and say “hi”!

1. How do you know when you are in need of some self-care?

Because of my depression, i will feel really low and get very anxious. Then me and my partner know I need some 'me' time.

2. Once you are aware that you need to take care of yourself, do you usually do so alone or do you have someone you can go to when you need some TLC?

It can vary. Sometimes I will take some time out; have a bath or read a book. Sometimes I will spend some time with my other half. Watch a movie or just cuddle.

3. Do you find it hard to make time for yourself?

Yes extremely. With two children finding the time can be hard.

4. Is there anything that gets in the way of your “me” time/disrupts it (for me: noises outside can put me on edge or if other people are home I need to be mindful of how long I take, say, in the shower)?

The children, although I don't find it 'gets' in the way. I always have to think of them before myself.

5. Do you ever feel guilty for having “me” time?

All the time!!

6. Do you schedule in “me” time or do you “go with the flow”/only take “me” time when you feel you need it?

Only when I feel I need it!

7. Is there a self-care routine that you try to follow?

Relaxing, my me time is usually a bath or a long shower or laying in my bed and reading! If I can't do that I don't usually do anything else.

8. When you feel down/not like your usual self; what do you do to cheer yourself up (hobbies, being with loved ones etc)?

I read blog, books, being with my family is a great way to cheer myself up.

9. Do you have any mantras that you say to yourself as a pick me up or on a daily basis?

I always say "take it one step at a time"

10. Finally; do you have any self-care tips for anyone who might be reading this?

Do whatever makes you calm or happy. That is what makes it self care. Caring for yourself

~ Question of the week; do you have a self-care routine? Let me know in the comments below!



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