Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Social Media Cleanses

Social Media Cleanses

Periodically I like to do social media cleanses. I find them to be a quick, easy mental reset when I’m getting weighed down by what I see on social media. With my illnesses and who I am; it’s so easy for me to “catch” how other people are feeling – mostly when they are feeling low – and it brings me down even more so here are some of my tips for doing a social media cleanse.

1. Unfollow/unfriend. If there are people on your social media platforms that you have no connection with now or who are just toxic; unfriend/unfollow them. You won’t miss them because you haven’t spoken in so long and, to be honest, they won’t even notice.

2. Mute/unfollow (Facebook) them. If you have people that you just can’t unfriend/unfollow because they’re family, friends or the type who will make you feel bad for unfollowing them (Twitter)/unfriending them then simply put their account on mute or use the unfollow feature on Facebook. You won’t see their posts and they won’t be any the wiser.

3. Go offline for a while. I usually go offline for a day to test the waters (and by that I mean; see how I feel). If what I see annoys me/makes me want to fire back a response then I stay offline. Nothing good ever comes from responding to anything when you’re wound up. Avoid using your phone/laptop at all – if you can – to remove all temptation of looking at the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc.

That’s it, really. I go through those 3 stages whenever everything online gets to be too much for me. I avoid all social media sites, I don’t Tweet anything bar my usual promotional Tweets and ways of contacting me in an emergency or if it’s urgent.
Apologies for such a short post today. Aside from that really being all there is to doing a social media cleanse I just figured that, what with there being so many posts to look forward to, I didn’t want to bore you all with having loads of lengthy ones.
Is there anything you think I’ve missed out? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!


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